What do I do with my Scrubba?

Full instructions are on the back of the packet, but it’s simple as... get nude, get wet and spread your Scrubba Body scrub all over your body. Give it 10 minutes to work its magic before jumping back under the shower to rinse off.

Why are there different types / flavours of scrub?

Our coffee scrubs are a rougher exfoliation than our salt scrubs & will tighten the pores and wake up your skin. While our pink himilayan salt scrubs will thoroughly cleanse your pores and help your skin retain moisture. Both types of scrubs will exfoliate & moisturise.

Each different flavour of Scrubba Body scrub has its own individual set of benefits to best suit your unique skin type. A full list of these benefits can be found underneath each scrubs page in the “Info” area.

Can I use Scrubba Body scrub on my face?

Everyone's skin is different... in most cases, using our scrubs on your face won’t be a problem. In other cases, on more sensitive skin, the scrubs may cause some irritation due to the coarseness of the scrub. Try a patch test first if you have sensitive skin.

How long will a pack of Scrubba Body scrub last me?

Left unopened, your Scrubba is good for around 6-12 months. Once you’ve opened the pack, it should last you around 1 month. Try to keep water out of the bag as much as possible and store it in a dry spot out of sunlight for a longer life.

How many scrubs are in a pack?

Our 200g bag should get you between 4 & 6 scrubs, depending on how much you use.

How often should I use my Scrubba Body scrub?

Try and use your scrub 2 to 3 times a week to achieve the best results.

Who can’t use Scrubba Body scrub?

Due to the caffeine in our scrubs, we recommend pregnant women steer clear. Also, we use almond oil in our scrubs, we recommend people with nut allergies also stay away. And lastly, people with new tattoos should avoid using Scrubba on that area until the tattoo is completely healed.



How much does shipping cost?

We hate paying for shipping, so we try not to charge you for it either. That being said, if you're purchasing a smaller item from our website it would actually cost us to sell it to you. So, any orders over $50 are free.

How long will shipping take?

All of our products are made to order and will be shipped in 1-3 business days. Once shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking details so you can keep an eye on it. Our couriers are pretty awesome, so you should get your Scrubba goodies pretty quick.