3 Ways That Baths Can Improve Your Health

November 10, 2019

Cleopatra was a woman whose beauty influenced the course of history. But did you know you can also thank Cleopatra for the modern beauty ritual of the milk bath? Cleopatra would regularly bathe in milk and raw honey. The antioxidants and antibacterial properties of honey, coupled with vitamins A, B and D found in milk can still give you the natural glow of a Queen. Plus, there are plenty of other ways you can reap health and beauty benefits from a simple bath with natural or plant-based products.

1 – Your body is primarily water

WaterSubmerging yourself in water is a natural and time-tested remedy and self-care ritual. Being in a warm bath can make your heart beat faster and give it a good workout. The same goes for your lungs as your oxygen intake improves thanks to the warm water contact and the steam. Being submerged in water can also help reduce pain and inflammation and reduce stress and anxiety. While you’re relaxing, you’ll also be able to increase your muscle movement with some resistance training underwater.

2 – Take advantage of the steamSteam

The steam created by a warm bath is the perfect environment for you to use essential oils and fragranced body scrubs. The steam will permeate the air and not only will your skin benefit from pampering, but your hair will too.

3 – Making time for your skincare

EpsomWhen you slow down and go through the rituals of taking a bath, enjoy all those extras you normally skimp on too. For example, hop out after a little time in the water to apply a body scrub. This will allow the ingredients to penetrate your skin and you can easily jump back into the bath to rinse off. Or, mix some Epsom salts with your normal body scrub for added benefits. The magnesium in the Epson salts can help exfoliate your skin, reduce inflammation and detox heavy metals and toxins from your body. The magnesium is of course also great for your muscles to relieve cramps and stress, and it is readily absorbed through your skin which is more good news if you can’t always fit more magnesium into your diet.


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