Adult Things To Do In Lockdown

August 18, 2021

With half of the country in lockdown and boredom levels are reaching an all time high for some people, are asked our instagram what do you do to get through those long tedious days and nights. And you guys did not disappoint with the answers! After having a LOL to myself, reading through, I grouped the answers into three categories.


Get Drunk!


A LOT of the answers were just different types of alcohol (and drugs)! We had tequila, red wine, Smirnoff Double Blacks, beers, ciders, margs, gin etc. Now we don’t recommend becoming an alcoholic (however, if you’re already there, you do you Boo). But if you do enjoy a couple of bevies, why not organise zoom drinks with your mates, but actually dress up, put on some make up, make an effort! Or if you’ve got someone to bunker down with, organise a night where you dress up and have some drinks, listen to some music and have a dance around the lounge room. Or just have a cocktail night. Google some recipes and put in a Dan Murphys order and I cannot stress this enough, STICK TO THE RECIPE! But make it something different to what you do every other night (or day). Make it a night out that’s actually a night in.


Have Sex!


Now before you come at me with the ‘But I’m single!’, the answers I received did not actually say have sex, they were more about masturbation. And to be specific, the use of toys. I BLOODY LOVE IT! Hahah! This one I can fully get behind. There are some great toys out there for whatever gets you going. Seriously. And you can buy all of them online! Keep a look out for AfterPay day sales coming up tomorrow, I know I will be ;-) And the best part? It’s actually good for you! Studies show that masturbation reduces stress and burns calories because let's face it, it’s getting a bit hard getting your steps in while doing laps of the living room.


Eat a Feast!


I’m not sure why, but this is the one that shocked me the most - probably because it’s something that we do in my household a lot, but I didn’t think many other people did. A couple of people told us they like to plan a big meal to cook and eat. Wether it be baking a cake for desert, or going all out on a degustation menu. I like getting into theme night and making a few things from a particular country’s cuisine. My family is Croatian and Croatian night is big at my house. But so is Japanese night, and French night and Italian. We do drinks, entrees, mains and deserts all from that country. It’ll take a day or two to prepare and my god, when it’s time to eat we’re so excited to try everything. Then we spend the next few hours in a food coma before rolling into bed. I highly recommend it. Theres something so satisfying about preparing the food, following the recipes then just devouring it all.



We did get plenty of other answers, like binging TV shows, taking up a hobby, reading a book and doing exercise. But this week is about doing what you want, not feeling guilty and just having fun!

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