An Introduction to Magnesium Sprays

August 20, 2020

Introduction to Magnesium Sprays

Magnesium is one of many minerals that your body uses to stay healthy and function as you'd want it to. If your magnesium levels are lower than they should be then this can lead to lower energy levels than you would hope for. So, it can help boost these, as well as helping both your nerves and muscles to operate more efficiently.

Magnesium can also help convert amino acids into serotonin; which is believed to help you feel good. Incidentally, if you have high levels of calcium in your body this can affect your ability to absorb the magnesium you need.

A lack of magnesium is often due to our modern-day diet, which is known to be high in refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and salt, caffeine and processed fats. Sources of magnesium include avocados, spinach, some nuts and beans, brown rice and wholemeal bread.

Magnesium Spray Benefits

The benefits of using magnesium sprays

Sprays deliver instant contact with your skin, which means that the magnesium can immediately begin the vital process of trans-dermal absorption. This results in a swift way to help your body to replenish its magnesium levels. These sprays can be used anywhere, as you go about your busy life.

Other advantages they deliver include helping your bones with the process of calcium absorption, offering relief for muscle tension, and providing a chance for more restful sleep.

Using our magnesium sprays

As mentioned, these sprays offer quick and convenient use. A great time to use one is after you've enjoyed a refreshing shower or spent some time relaxing in a lovely warm bath. If this is after exercise or before you are heading to bed, then even better.

Apply to your clean skin, concentrating on your muscles and joints. As with many spray products, do keep them away from your eyes and any areas of either delicate or broken skin.

Magnesium Spray Benefits

Incidentally, some people report a slight tingling feeling as they spray; this can actually be a sign of low levels of magnesium currently being present in your body.

Try our magnesium sprays for yourself - we know that they offer that natural way of providing your body with this important mineral.

Check them out HERE.

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