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Cruelty Free, it's the ONLY way to be.

May 12, 2021

In a woke society, more of us are turning away from using products by skincare brands that engage in animal cruelty. Whether this is due to our wider understanding of how this industry operates or the support of celebrity influencers for cruelty-free brands, there is a range of benefits to switching to cruelty-free alternatives.

However, you don't have to be a PETA ambassador or card carrying vegan to get involved with this movement. With more and more vegan and cruelty-free brands readily available, we’ve listed some of the benefits of cruelty-free skin and body care below to encourage you to make the switch.

1. Kinder to the skin

On the whole, cruelty-free skin and body products are kinder to the skin than their alternatives. This is because these products are usually vegan, which means they use organically sourced ingredients that are safe and haven't been tested on animals first. When ditching harsh and aggressive chemicals such as parabens, your skin has the potential to become clearer and brighter.


2. Kinder to your pocket

It’s a common misconception that to switch to cruelty-free skin and body care alternatives you will have to spend a lot more money. However, this doesn't have to be the case. While there are expensive cruelty-free brands on the market, there are affordable alternatives too, so with a bit of research, it's possible to find a range that is kind to your pocket as well as your skin. In fact, because they're better for your skin, you might even find that cruelty-free products save you money in the long run!


3. Kinder to animals

In the context of this blog post, it goes without saying that the use of cruelty-free products for your skin and body is ultimately a kinder alternative for animals too. This is because it means animals such as mice don't need to be used to see if chemicals are safe for human use.

Ready to experience these benefits for yourself? Try out our cruelty-free skincare products today.

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