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Getting The Most From Your Reed Diffuser

October 14, 2022

Getting The Most From Your Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are very common and popular at the moment, as an alternative to candles, to fill your home with amazing fragrances. Reeds are inserted into a glass bottle or glass jar with scented diffuser oil, soaking up the fragrance, and then emitting a pleasant aroma throughout your home - it's that easy to use!

Reed diffusers don't have a flame and don't need heat, in contrast to candles. They naturally release smell into the atmosphere. Without a flame, there is no soot and, more crucially, no fire risk. Due of this, some families may find reed diffusers to be a more useful aroma solution.


Finding The Right Spot For Your Reed Diffuser

The way the smell is spread depends on where you place your reed diffuser. Your diffuser should be placed in high traffic areas because the constant air flow helps the aroma spread. The aroma will also last longer if you place them lower rather than higher (rather than on a high shelf in the corner of the room). Try to keep them away from open windows or fans, though, as these types of air movement will waste more aroma than is necessary.

Another excellent location is right inside the room, next to the door, so you can smell it as you walk in. Consider a diffuser as you would a bunch of flowers: you'll occasionally catch a whiff of the aroma as you pass, but it won't always fill the room.

 Reed Diffuser Tips

How Often Should You Flip The Reeds?

For a stronger fragrance from your reed diffuser you can flip the reeds. The reeds can be turned daily or only a few at a time. Remember that the fragrance oil will evaporate more quickly the more reeds you turn and the more frequently you flip them.

When flipping the reeds, exercise caution. Before setting the reeds down on a sensitive counter top, flip them over a trash can or sink and make sure to rinse the container of any fragrance oil drops.

Before leaving for a holiday, turn all of the diffusers' reeds. As opposed to a stuffy, stale house, your home will have a pleasant scent when you get home.


Refilling Your Diffuser

Before adding new oil to your diffuser, clean the container well with soap and water and allow it to completely dry. Starting with new oil is preferable to continually adding to old oil.

Change the reeds when you change the oil. Over time, reeds become dirty and clogged and lose their effectiveness. There are various types of reeds. It's preferable to stay with one brand because producers choose the best reeds for their oil.

 Reed Diffuser Tips

Reed Diffuser Fragrance Is Too Strong?

It's not too difficult to fix if you find that your diffuser is a little too potent for your tastes. Simply take off a few of the reeds to distribute the aroma less and in a more subdued way. Start by taking out one or two reeds at a time until you achieve the ideal balance. We recommend discarding any reeds you take out right away because they could get damaged if you put them on certain surfaces.


I Can’t Smell My Reed Diffuser

This may occasionally be an indicator of low quality, especially if you have saved a few dollars and purchased a cheaper reed diffuser. If you have bought from us, however, the answer is certainly no! We always use premium raw materials, so the reeds can provide a quick & strong aroma. We work and develop in accordance with the size of a typical Australian home because we are unable to anticipate the size of every customer's room and tailor a product to suit. Simply adding more reeds to your diffuser will help to spread more fragrance into your area, making the scent stronger and filling more of your room if your room is larger than normal or has an open layout.

 Reed Diffuser Tips

Reed Diffuser Safety Tips:

  • NEVER place your diffuser within reach of children or pets.
  • Do not ingest the liquid, this is toxic.
  • Do not light the reeds and keep away from open flames. Reed diffusers may be flammable.
  • Diffuser liquid may damage some surfaces. Ensure that you wipe any residual oil from the bottom of the bottle before placing it on a protected, level surface. Also ensure that reeds are not in contact with walls and curtains.
  • When flipping your reeds, wear gloves or wrap reeds in folded tissue before handling, as to avoid contact with your skin. Some mixtures may cause an allergic skin reaction. In the event of skin or eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. If skin irritation occurs seek medical advice/attention.

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