Is DIY Skincare a Good Idea?

Is DIY Skincare a Good Idea?

With the rise of natural, organic and handmade skincare reaching the market, bloggers are introducing us to commercial-free options, teaching you how to make your skincare from the privacy of your home. And to be completely honest, we still completely encourage playing around with some basics at home. I mean we even offer workshops on DIY body scrubs. 

However, dermatologists and skincare experts aren’t so convinced that tinkering with more complex skincare products is a good idea and warn users their DIY efforts may be causing more harm than good. We explore the perils of DIY skincare and explain why your handmade alternative won’t stack up to the professional options.

DIY Skincare


Most DIY projects cost less in the long run if you have all of the parts and equipment from the beginning. DIY skincare isn’t an exception; you’re likely to save money on your skincare only when you persist with this option for the long run. Sourcing ingredients, jars, moulds, and cooking utensils can be expensive, especially as you can’t buy in bulk, or enjoy trade discounts like that of registered businesses.

Less reliability

Your skin enjoys routine; though it can be effective to switch around your products from time to time, your skin prefers you use the same products day in and day out. By creating your skincare products, the consistency is likely to be less, as you don't have the regulation process of established skincare brands. Though commercial skincare products say they’re handmade, they still undergo advanced regulation procedures to ensure each batch remains consistent.

DIY Skincare

Addressing concerns thoroughly

It’s impossible to accurately and adequately address your skincare concerns through a DIY alternative. To develop the right mixture, you will need to do extensive research on the best ingredient balance to suit your concerns. Depending on the severity of your issues, you may need professional skincare solutions, and your DIY option may only worsen your condition.

Incorrect ingredients

Natural and organic skincare producers receive praise for their careful selection of skincare ingredients; vigilant decisions are made about how the product is grown and sourced before included in the mixture to meet the organic classification. Without skincare knowledge, you may find yourself adding improper options; ones that aren't natural or do more harm to the skin than good.

DIY Skincare

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