November 03, 2021

It's the blog you've all been waiting for! This week on Meet the Team we are talking to our fearless leaders, the hostess's with the mostess's, the head honchos, CEOs and creators of Scrubba Body, Josh and Jase!

These guys are the reason we're all here. The guys behind the products, recipes, and stores. Without Josh and Jase's need for better, natural, vegan skincare, there wouldn't be a Scrubba Body. Each of them bringing a completely different set of skills to the party, it really is true when they say, opposites attract.

Scrubba Life

  • How long have you worked for Scrubba?
    • Josh - Since day dot - just over 5 years now
    • Jason - Too long, hahaha. But same as Josh.
  • What is your fave job to do?
    • Josh - I can talk underwater... maybe too much sometimes. So anything where I get to talk to customers or our stockists is my absolute fave.
    • Jason - Coming up with new concoctions. I love mixing oils and other ingredients and creating something amazing.
  • Fave 3 Scrubba products?
    • Josh - I'm a sucker for anything coconut, so definitely the Coconut Coffee Scrub & Toasted Coconut Lip Balm. And I can't get enough of the Green Clay Face Mask - I can't stop touching myself after using it (not in a creepy way).
    • Jason - It's weird but I seem to like all of our less popular products - The Unscented Magnesium spray is my go-to every night, the Peppermint Lip Balm and I absolutely LOVE the Night Jasmine candle (when Josh allows me to light it at home).
  • What do you like most about working at Scrubba?
    • Josh - When we get a new review or when someone tells me how much they love our products and what it did for their skin - that gives me the warm & tinglies.
    • Jason - We don't do it enough, or until someone points it out, but I love sitting back and looking at Scrubba as a whole and thinking "holy shit, we actually created this out of nothing". So I'd say the sense I pride.
  • 3 words that sum up working at Scrubba Body?
    • Josh - Fun, chilled, free.
    • Jason - Creative, aromatic, bliss.



Life Outside of Scrubba

  • What do you do for fun (hobbies/activities)?
    • Josh - I'm a reformed TV addict (seriously used to watch sooo much TV) so I still like to still do that when I get the time. Also, shameless plug, but just started a podcast in the minimal downtime I get (check it out - @gotaqueery)
    • Jason - Music is my time waster. Playing the piano or guitar or just listening to vinyls. Oh, I'm also a teacher outside of Scrubba during the day.
  • What is your #1 'self-care' thing you do to wind-down & relax?
    • Josh - We're doing renos at home and we still don't have a bath, so any time we go somewhere I make sure to book a place with a bath and take my own salts along. Absolutely love baths.
    • Jason - Wine, hahaha. 
  • There's a movie being made about your life - who is starring as you?
    • Josh - Can I say Zac Efron? We don't look anything alike, but I'll watch anything if he's in it. 
    • Jason - I'm hopeless with celebrities. I don't know any of their names. Let's go with that guy from WestWorld.

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