The 3 Most Popular Scrubs

As some of the most under-appreciated skincare products on the market, body scrubs and exfoliators are easy to use, giving you the maximum results from just one use. Without the need for complicated equipment or expensive skincare facilities, you can get velvety smooth skin, and smell delicious, from the comfort of your home.

In this article, we take you through the three most loved body scrubs and exfoliators you can use at home every week as part of your routine, detailing the key ingredients to target your blemishes and help you decide the best one for your skin type.


One of the best scrubs for an intense and invigorating exfoliation is the salt scrub. Salt is one of the most purifying exfoliants, as it deeply cleans the skin and easily removes hard, stubborn skin build-up that can occur over time. There are different grades of salt, some finer than others, which make it easier to find a scrub that suits your skin sensitivity.












If you're a coffee addict and love the smell of roasted beans, you will obsess over a coffee scrub. However, the caffeine from the coffee gives this exfoliator its allure, as the stimulant is known for improving blood circulation, resulting in a smooth appearance. With natural coffee scrubs, you're exposing your skin to organic antioxidants, which helps to clarify impurities, reduce the toxins in your body, and prevent premature ageing.
















Face Scrub


Your body isn't the only part of your skincare routine you can utilise exfoliators for; facial scrubs are a beautiful way to give your skin a luxurious spa suppleness without the price tag. The ingredients for facial scrubs are always gentler by comparison, but the results remain the same. Popular ingredients for facial scrubs include walnut and bamboo, both of which are natural in origin and perfectly suited to delicate facial skin.

How to find the right scrub for you…

With so many options, it can be tricky to work out which scrub is best for you. However, we always suggest considering your skin type first by selecting a scrub that won't aggravate your trouble areas. Testing the exfoliator on a patch of your skin first is wise, especially before you apply it to your whole body. You are best to opt for natural, organic and handmade scrubs; natural skincare is produced without harmful chemicals and toxins, which is ideal for every skin type and most sensitivities.

Are you looking for a new scrub for your weekly skin routine? Shop our entire range of natural skincare, and enjoy the revitalising feeling of soft skin from the comfort of your home.

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