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August 14, 2022

If you're not familiar with them, face mists are liquids that you mist onto your skin via a spray bottle or atomizer and I am obsessed! Most are packed with hydrating and soothing ingredients, like our Scrubba Body Face Mists in Rose, Lavender and Cucumber & Aloe Vera.

• To Soothe Sensitive Skin

• To Refresh Your Skin

• To Boost Absorption of Other Products

• To Instantly Hydrate

• To Seal In Extra Moisture

• To Help Control Breakouts

• To Prime Your Skin for Makeup

• To Blend Foundation

• To Help Makeup Look More Natural

• To Revive Makeup

Damp skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing any products you put on it. So if you want to maximize the performance of your lotions, creams and face oils, try using them on top of a layer of face mist. Our Face mists each have their own benefits.

Cucumber is renowned for its astringent, cooling, and toning qualities.

Cucumber s a natural approach to tighten and shut open pores. Because of its moisturising and nourishing qualities, it can be used frequently.

Cucumber helps the skin retain moisture and is used to prevent wrinkles and early skin ageing. Applying it around the eyes will prevent crow's feet, one of the earliest indications of ageing, as it is helpful for delicate skin areas.

By clearing clogged pores and removing pollutants, cucumber juice helps to prevent outbreaks. It also soothes open acne. Both cooling and inflammatory, it aids in minimising the redness brought on by rashes, bug bites, and sunburns.

Aloe vera is incredibly moisturising.

The plant has a high concentration of mucopolysaccharides, a class of hydration molecule chain that is a common component in many moisturisers. Aloe's hydrating properties can aid with eczema's dry, itchy skin symptoms. Aloe vera may help reduce swelling and itching associated with psoriasis, much as it does with eczema.

Dark patches and acne scars can be lightened using aloe vera. Even if acne isn't an issue right now, those bothersome scars might last for years. Aloe vera gel aids in promoting the skin's collagen formation, which lessens the visibility of scars. It lessens dark circles and swollen eyes. Aloe vera's collagen-producing properties aid with scars from conditions other than acne aswell.

Aloe also aids in the creation of new skin and reduce general inflammation in the face, which gives you a glowing, radiant appearance.

Rose petals are steam-distilled to produce rose water.

Rose water has a pleasant scent and is occasionally used as a gentle natural fragrance in place of perfumes that include chemicals.

Rose water's potent anti-inflammatory qualities are among its greatest advantages. Numerous illnesses, both internal and external, can be treated with the use of these qualities. It might even be able to reduce rosacea or eczema-related inflammation.

Since rose water has been used as a cosmetic for thousands of years, it should come as no surprise that it helps lighten skin redness and improve complexion. The antimicrobial qualities can help with acne aswell. Anti-inflammatory qualities can lessen skin sensitivity and puffiness.

Strong antimicrobial qualities of rose water help to both prevent and treat infections. Numerous potent antioxidants found in rose petals and oil can help shield cells from harm. According to one study, these antioxidants may have actions that limit lipid peroxidation. As a result, this offers strong cell protection.

Strong antidepressant and antianxiety qualities can be found in rose water. According to a 2011 study, mice's central nervous systems can be soothed by rose petal extract. Aromatherapy frequently employs rosewater and rose essential oil to ease headaches. This might be as a result of the de-stressing benefits mentioned in the preceding section. In beauty products intended to minimise wrinkles, rose water is frequently present. Due to its anti-aging properties.

Lavender contains a lot of vitamin A.

Vitamin A help the skin's natural capacity to retain moisture. Collagen synthesis is aided, and the skin heals more quickly as a result. By lessening breakouts and enhancing the skin's immune system. It increases the skin's ability to retain moisture. Lavender Water is therefore ideal for sensitive, dry, and ageing skin.

Lavender Water is stated to reduce the appearance of scars as it can regenerate damaged skin tissue. As it promotes the growth of cells and tissues, it stops the scarring process.

It can also prevent the growth of germs that causes pimples and keeps the skin safe. Antioxidants are abundant in lavender water. Additionally, the inclusion of additional phytochemicals makes it a superb plant with anti ageing properties.

Lavender water firms the face, tightens the pores, and minimises wrinkles because it also functions as a toner. It removes free radicals and toxins from your body, giving you skin that is smooth and youthful-looking. With everyday use, it can also help the skin's suppleness.

Unbalanced pH levels of the skin are frequently the root cause of skin issues like eczema, early ageing, dryness, acne, and greasy skin. The skin's natural barrier is immediately weakened when the pH level is out of whack, and contact with dangerous substances worsens how the skin tissues operate. But utilising lavender water can assist with all of these problems since it specifically controls the pH levels of the skin, keeping it nourished and healthy.

In the past, the Greeks used lavender to treat burns, wounds, and ailments. Lavender has antibacterial qualities that help the skin recover more quickly while also halting the spread of any infections. Lavender Water promotes the production of collagen, tissue remodelling, and wound contraction, all of which significantly speed up skin healing. Additionally, it cleanses the skin.


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