A Few Simple Beauty Switches To Save The Planet

September 01, 2021

Simple Beauty Switches To Save The Planet

As we all become more conscious of the products we choose and their impact on the environment, there are so many tiny ways you can make a difference. From switching to vegan skincare products to removing your makeup with reusable bamboo makeup removal pads, whatever changes you can make are so important for the planet! If you're looking to change the way you shop, support small businesses and protect the environment, these simple beauty swaps are perfect for you.


Use natural skincare products

By avoiding harsh chemicals and toxins, your skin will thank you, but switching to natural ingredient skincare means that your beauty routine isn't harming the environment. Chemicals contained in skincare products end up being washed down sinks into rivers, oceans, lakes and the public water supply, and they can also have harmful effects on local aquatic life.

Natural Skincare


Go vegan (in the bathroom)

We all know the meat industry is terrible for the planet, but going vegan is about more than ditching bacon cheeseburgers! A vegan lifestyle has an amazing impact on the environment, and if you can't commit to the full vegan diet, you can swap your beauty products for cruelty-free skincare. If you want to cut out animal products like leather, honey, certain lipsticks, milk, some chewing gum and more, there are so many amazing vegan alternatives. It's surprising how many animal-derived ingredients end up on your bathroom shelves, so make sure you shop for authentic vegan skincare solutions.


Choose reusable

Switching to reusable beauty tools is an amazing way to cut down your plastic consumption and reduce waste. Shop for bamboo reusable makeup removal pads, shampoo bars and soaps without plastic packaging and even silicone multi-use sheet masks. The beauty industry is full of throw away products from cotton buds to makeup remover wipes to microbeads, so try and find reusable when you can!


Shop small

The carbon footprint of small businesses is tiny compared to major pharmaceutical companies, and small beauty businesses need your support! Look for local, handmade soap, bath products and skincare solutions, made from high-quality natural ingredients. Nourishing natural ingredients like Goji berry oil, avocado oil and aloe vera are perfect for healthy, glowing skin and low environmental impact.

Shop Small

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