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March 10, 2022


Summer is over and the drop in temperature has been pretty drastic over the last week. While I enjoy the cooler temps, my skin does not. My entire body becomes extremely dry and flaky (my face as well) That's why I use body oil on a daily basis to help my skin retain hydration and keep it plump and glowing. While I was over here meticulously slathering it on every night after showering, I’ve done some reading lately and instead, it appears that you should apply your body oil before jumping in the bath or showering.



Isn't that a little counterproductive you ask? According to Dr. Farber (a NYC Dermatologist), if you prefer piping-hot showers like I do, you may be stripping your skin of its natural oils, and once those are gone, water evaporates more quickly from your skin. "By applying body oil before showering, you're establishing a barrier between your skin and the shower water, which keeps your skin from drying up as quickly," she explains. Because oils include occlusive agents, they help to keep skin hydrated by creating a physical barrier that prevents it from losing hydration.


BEFORE: You could use our Moisturising Body Oils, let it soak in, then shower.

DURING: You could use our Body Scrub, once you're covered, let it work a bit of magic for a minute or two before washing off.

AFTER: Again you could use our Body Oils, for that extra boost of hydration.

We use oils in our body scrubs that help create this carrier, including coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and essential oils (depending on which flavour you’re using).

However our moisturising body oils are also perfect for retaining moisture while bathing, while Rosehip, Olive and Argan oils work in their own special ways.




Lastly just one work of caution, "Be sure to use a bath mat to avoid slipping." Which is perhaps the most crucial piece of advice, because, as we all know, safety comes first.



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