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March 20, 2022


Right now small business in Australia is suffering.

While we all love a bargain, Shein, Amazon, Ali Baba and companies similar are some of the biggest contributors to climate change via waste. They are also famous for not paying their workers a living a wage. 


You will keep money in the local economy circulating.

You are supporting the economy at every level by purchasing Australian-made products, from creating jobs.

You will contribute to the preservation of a local manufacturing base.

As the pandemic demonstrated, a greater emphasis on local production is required to ensure that we can survive future supply chain disruptions and shortages. Keeping onshore manufacturing alive in a variety of industries is critical to our long-term viability.


You will assist in the retention of skilled people in Australia.

Since the rise of offshore manufacturing, Australia has seen a gradual reduction in skilled workers. For example the closing of Holden, Ford, and Toyota factories in Australia put an end to onshore vehicle production and displaced skilled people. If other businesses follow suit, skilled personnel will be hard to come by.


You will contribute to the creation of jobs in Australia.

Every direct manufacturing job creates four additional jobs in the local economy.


Goods will be delivered at a lower cost and faster than with offshore shipping.

Geographic proximity means that, especially here is Australia, you can receive products sooner than if you ordered the same product made overseas. You're not only saving time, but you're also saving money. Domestic shipping is substantially less expensive than international shipping, and it takes less time and energy.


Goods will be of superior quality.

Businesses in Australia must adhere to some of the most stringent labour, business, safety, and quality control regulations in the world. I know you've bought something online that arrived and did not look anything like the photos, did not do what was advertised or just plain stunk when you went to open it. 


Just buy from an Aussie Business. Please.

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