Fall In Love With Natural Body Oils

July 15, 2020

Natural Body Oils

American model Halima Aden said that 'Skin care is so much more important than makeup. Makeup is for when you're having fun and going out. But your skin is forever'. Accepting this, you'll want to give your skin the best chance of keeping in good health.

If you have tried what might be called manufactured body oils in the past, then you'll know that the experience might not have been as pleasant as you wanted it to be. Such oils can tend to be greasy against your skin. Equally, you might have felt that your skin found it troublesome to fully absorb them, resulting in clogged pores and an unpleasant feeling.

Introducing natural body oil products to your skin

Organic body oils, using plant-based ingredients, such as rosehip, hibiscus, grapefruit and others sink gracefully into your skin. The result is a beautifully hydrated complexion, without any of the unwelcome after-effects mentioned in the earlier paragraph.

Another benefit is that natural body oils tend to be light and are swiftly absorbed; especially if applied to skin that is still a tiny bit moist after a bath, wash, or shower. The oil can help hold that extra dampness on your skin, which is terrific for hydration

Oils for skin

Natural body oils and dry skin

Your skin might tend to be on the dry side. This is not an unusual situation when spending a lot of time in our hot and harsh Australian climate or taking frequent showers to escape from its effects. For example, avocado oil is known to calm, heal and replenish chapped or itchy skin. These natural oil products and their nutrients help protect the skin's own barrier as it keeps moisture from evaporating.

Which oils are best for your skin?

Not all oils are good for the skin though. And some oils are better than others. Let’s break down our top 6 natural oils and why we use them;

Rosehip Oil – Full of Vitamin A & Vitamin C, Rosehip helps to boost collagen production while reducing inflammation. This oil is also known to protect against the suns’ harmful rays.

Argan Oil – High in Vitamin E and fatty acids, this oil actually helps your skin absorb other oils and products easier. Plus it’s great for acne prone skin and can even help to prevent wrinkles.

Macadamia Oil – Known to be anti-inflammatory due to it’s high content of Oleic Acid (Omega 9), macadamia oil helps to restore the skin’s barrier and keep you moisturised longer.

Jojoba Oil – High in Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins, Jojoba Oil is also anti-inflammatory with the added benefits of helping treat a wide range of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

Grapeseed Oil – Vitamin E and linoleic acid found in Grapeseed Oil help it to create a protective barrier on the skin which also helps keep your skin stay hydrated. Plus it is awesome for evening out skin tone too.

Avocado Oil – Packed full of Vitamins A, D & E all working together to protect your skin from sun damage while also healing chapped skin and calming itchy skin.


Avocado oil for skin

Keeping your skin healthy and mind happy

A combination of organic ingredients can help nourish your skin and keep it supple; and can even help reduce the inflammation caused by some troublesome skin conditions. Equally important for many Australians is to know that the choices they make are both vegan and cruelty free - and ours are.

At the start we mentioned the difference between make-up and skin care. Actress Demi Moore emphasises this point again when she says that 'I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup'.

Check out our full range of skin-loving, natural body oils HERE.

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