The Benefits of Using Vegan Skincare

July 22, 2020

The Benefits of Using Vegan Skincare

Vegan diets are becoming increasingly popular, but it doesn’t end with food. Vegan skincare products are also essential and contain no animal by-products or ingredients. From masks and sprays to oils and soaps, an extensive range of brands are choosing to become exclusively vegan. Whether or not you live a vegan lifestyle, below are some of the benefits of choosing vegan skincare products:

Gentler on the skin

By eliminating any animal by-products and ingredients, vegan skincare tends to be made from organic or natural ingredients, instead of the harsh artificial ones that are often found in commercial skincare products. If you have particularly sensitive skin or skin that is prone to irritation or allergies, you may find vegan products are beneficial. Also containing fewer ingredients, there is less chance of anything causing a reaction.

Vegan Skincare

Treat skin problems

The lack of artificial additives in vegan skincare products makes them extremely beneficial for your skin. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera and tea tree have been proven to have purification benefits. Being rich in vitamins, they have anti-inflammatory properties and can help with eczema and acne.

Anti-ageing benefits

The common combination of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in vegan skincare tend to provide the best results if you’re worried about anti-ageing. The clean and pure ingredients help to rejuvenate the skin, offering youthful qualities and effectively reversing the effects of ageing.

Good for the planet

Environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly more important, and using vegan skincare products is a step in the right direction. With an environmentally friendly production process and recyclable packaging, using vegan products can strengthen an already eco-friendly lifestyle, or can be a great starting point if this is something you’re looking to improve!


Vegan skincare environmentally friendly

Value for money

We find that vegan skincare products being expensive is a common misconception within the industry. While their natural and eco-friendly properties mean they are sometimes slightly pricier than animal-based products, they’re definitely more cost-effective and will never break your bank account. Just consider the long list of longer-term effects associated with vegan skincare and you’ll discover their immense value for money.


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