April 10, 2022


With the long weekend coming up I know a few of us may imbibe ourselves in a tipple or 7. For me though, the day after drinking is the absolute worst. I feel like my brain is going to explode and my heart will explode and my body will explode. I cannot count how many times I’ve googled ‘Can you die from a hangover?’ Since this has been happening (around the last 10 or so years, I’ve picked up a couple of tricks, from friends, and the internet that I thought I would share.


Firstly some things to think about before you drink.



Have you ever heard your father tell you to 'line your stomach' before going out? He turns out to be a smart old man, after all! Before you have a few drinks, have a nice hearty meal to slow down the absorption of alcohol and improve your hangover the next day.

A hearty, oily breakfast will help to raise your blood sugar levels. That greasy kebab on the way home, or the half-eaten toasted sandwich in your bed the next morning, will do the same. However, make sure you brush your teeth! Kebab hangover breath is not fun!





Another body of evidence suggests that the sort of alcoholic beverage you consume has an impact on your hangover.

Some alcoholic beverages contain a chemical known as a congener, which is formed because of the fermentation and ageing processes. Consider 'dark' beverages such as barrel-aged whisky, rum, or wine.

Vodka and other 'light' or 'white' drinks have no (or very few) congeners.

According to some credible research, nights when you consume more congeners and "dark" drinks result in greater hangovers the next day.

So maybe the vodka and soda is better for more than just your waistline than the rum and coke.

And sorry to bust your bubble (see what we did there? ), but we advise against drinking champagne or any other alcoholic beverage that contains carbonation or bubbles  such as your favourite rum and cola.


According to research, the carbon dioxide gas that generates those tiny bubbles may speed up the absorption of alcohol by your digestive system. So you get drunk faster. But also have stronger hangover.




ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEDICATIONS - While there are a variety of reasons why you might feel bad the next day, the latest "hangover" research places the blame completely on our incredible bodies.

An inflammatory response throughout the body, according to researchers, is one of the key contributors of the dreaded hangover. It's the same way you feel when you have an infection.

When you're hungover, for example, your body's cytokines levels skyrocket, according to a Korean research team. It makes sense to battle cytokines, which operate as communication signals to the immune system and rise when the body's inflammatory response is activated. Using anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen to counteract that inflammatory reaction could help you avoid a hangover.


EAT LARGE AMOUNTS OF FOOD - Low blood sugar is frequently linked to hangovers. While low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) is not caused by hangovers, it will exacerbate all the symptoms you're already experiencing.



SLEEEEEEEEEEP - Even if you dozed off as soon as your head hit the pillow after a night of drinking, the sleep you did obtain was not restful. Alcohol degrades the quality and length of your sleep, according to research.


Hit the snooze button and give yourself a few more hours to doze off the effects of the night before attempting to function like a normal human being.

Remove the carbonation.



GO OUTSIDE - When you're hungover, the last thing you want to do is go for a stroll, but a quick walk or even a swim will help. Oxygen speeds up the metabolism, which aids in the removal of those pesky toxins – so get out and about right now.


Drinks to treat a hangover

Water made from coconuts, because, in addition to hydration, your body requires that you replenish your electrolytes. That's why sports drinks and coconut water are wonderful to consume right away when you arrive home.


A glass of grapefruit juice - when you wake up, make sure you have some orange and/or grapefruit juice in your fridge to help your body reclaim all its natural sugars. More on Grapefruit further down.


In general, juices - Vitamins abound in freshly squeezed juice, giving your body a boost, whilst boosting your energy levels. If an acidic glass of orange juice is too much for you, dilute it with water or instead make a soothing smoothie with banana, cinnamon, and yoghurt.






If you’re anything like me, when you’re suffering from a hangover the other joyous affliction, you’re lumped with is increased stress and worry aka anxiety. According to preliminary study, lavender has a relaxing impact on the body. This implies that it has the potential to alleviate anxiety as well as heart rate and blood pressure. Lavender has been reported to be effective in relieving headaches, in addition to its soothing effects. To get the most out of lavender essential oil, We’ve paired it with chamomile and sea salts in our Relax Soaking Bath Salts.



We've all had the feeling of waking up after a Wednesday Wing night. Grapefruit oil is an excellent choice if you need a little extra help getting up after a long night out. Its stimulating perfume might help you feel more alert, removing the morning-after grogginess that comes with hangovers. Grapefruit oil is at the top of our list of the best essential oils for a hangover based only on aroma. My favourite is the Grapefruit Sparkle Salt Scrub, absorbing the oil transdermally as well as the aromas in a hot shower seriously does wonders.



Menthol, which is found in peppermint, is known for its analgesic and cooling qualities. If your hangover manifests itself as a pounding headache, its cooling effect will make it a suitable pick. Headaches and migraines can be relieved by applying peppermint oil to sensitive places like the temples and pulse points. Other claims suggest that menthol can increase mental alertness, minimising hangover symptoms such as weariness and lethargy. Peppermint is one of the greatest essential oils for headaches because of the presence of menthol. Use our Peppermint Natural Lip Balm to gain all of the benefits as well as hydrating you lips which will be dry (it’s a hangover symptom)

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