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April 17, 2022


Why do we use Macadamia oil in so many of our products?


Mostly because of Squalene. If you’re like me and are a little obsessed with skin care products especially natural skin care, you’ve heard of Squalene. Used as a stand alone serum or blended with other hydrating or moisturising ingredients, Squalene is a big part of most people’s skin care routine. Whether they know it or not. SO what actually is it?


Squalene is a natural lipid produced by our skin cells. It maintains the health and hydration of our skin.


Our skin's ability to create Squalene slows down throughout our 20s and 30s, and our skin becomes coarser and drier.


Squalene, which was previously derived from shark livers, aids in the reduction of oxidative stress, skin protection, and wrinkle prevention.


This is where Macadamia enters the picture!


Squalene, an important fatty acid found in Macadamia Oil, is a cruelty-free and vegan source.


Squalene helps to keep cell membranes fluid, which is important for the skin's outer layer. Squalene-rich skin is moisturised and healthy. Squalene levels are low in dry and damaged skin.


Squalene is abundant in Macadamia oil, that’s why we use it as the base or carrier oil in our products. Including our Grapefruit Sparkle and Coconut Sparkle Body Oils.


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