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September 04, 2022

It’s Father’s Day and today I wanted to answer a question that I’ve been asked Are separate skin care products really necessary for men and women? Another option is to declare all skin care to be unisex and call it a day.

Men's skin care is currently all the rage. But do men's-only skin care products (or entire skin care lines) really need to address the differences between male and female skin? ⁠⁠

Well firstly, there is literally no difference in female and male skin. Skin is skin. There have been numerous studies testing the difference in sebum (oil) production, elasticity, and thickness. They all come back to the same issues of sun damage, ethnicity, and current skin care routines, not gender.

 So the only real difference in ‘Mens’ skin care really comes down to packaging and fragrance. The two aspects that have absolutely no effect on the skin.


Anyone, gender regardless, should choose their skin care based on what their skin needs at the particular time. Be it extra moisture, exfoliant or anti aging. There is one constant that everyone should be doing though, USE SUNSCREEN.

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