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Meet Our Stockist: Be U Natural

September 23, 2020

Be U Natural

Scrubba Body wouldn't be where it is today without the tremendous support of our ever-growing and fabulous family of stockists. 

This week we sat down (virtually) with one of these amazing supporters Nicola Conti. Nicola is a qualified nutritionist who owns and operates Be.U Natural; a one-stop shop for all things natural, sustainable and organic.

Operating both online and from her gorgeous bricks & mortar store in Lane Cove (seriously, check it out if you're in the area - it's so nice!), Be.U Natural's mission is to make it easier for you when it comes to finding quality, safe and truly natural products for people of all ages.


Be U Natural Lane CoveHow long have you been in business?

Just over 1 year with the store and 3 years online 


Tell us a bit about your business... Why did you start? Why is it awesome?

As a qualified nutritionist and mother of two, I’m passionate about products that will provide the best health outcomes for me, my family and my customers.

I opened Be.U Natural as I wanted to make it simple to access products that had a positive impact on the both the inside (nutrition) and outside (external products).


What is your favourite Scrubba product and why?

We just love the lip balms in store. They smell wonderful, look fab and work...ohh and they come in a gorgeous colourful box which makes a great gift.


Be U Natural Lane CoveA massive THANK YOU to Nicola for the amazing job she does, not just in supporting our small business but for the natural & eco-conscious community as a whole. We honestly believe the world would be a much better place with more people like Nicola and more businesses like Be.U.


Shop 10, Lane Cove Arcade

115-119 Longueville Road

Lane Cove NSW 2066

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