Unlock the Secrets of Green Clay

January 27, 2021

Unlock the Secrets of Green Clay

One of nature's best-kept secrets, green clay is an all-natural compound that has a wealth of amazing benefits. Here we shine the spotlight on green clay, bringing you the low-down on why it's a must-have beauty essential for any age or type of skin.

What is green clay?

Green clay is exactly what it says it is: a type of clay called illite. The clay is infused with iron oxides and the chlorophyll residues from decaying vegetation. Green clay comes in a range of shades, with darker clay tones considered to be superior. Also known as French clay, it can be found in deposits across Europe, the US, and Australia.

How is green clay used as a beauty product?

The clay is most often used as a face mask. We also like to use it in our natural soap bars.

Green Clay Face Mask

What are the benefits of green clay?

The compound has a reputation for being particularly effective in tackling problem skin. Some people find it a great choice for soothing acne, assisting breakouts to heal, and soaking up the excess oil that can cause unsightly blackheads and blocked pores. Green clay is believed to exfoliate, detoxify, and refresh the skin. As well as being a powerful cleanser, compounds in green clay may also boost cell regeneration, leading to fresher, clearer skin.

Many people find that a green clay mask applied at the first sign of a break-out can lessen the severity of the problem, as well as promote swift healing, reduce redness and decrease the risk of a further break-out occurring.

What type of problems can green clay help with?

A green clay mask may be particularly helpful for:

- Acne sufferers.
- People who are prone to oily skin.
- People prone to spots, blackheads, blocked pores and related blemishes.

Green Clay Benefits

Is green clay natural?

Green clay is a 100% natural material. Cruelty-free, vegan and free from added chemicals, preservatives or other additives, green clay is a beauty product that's suitable for use by people who care about the planet and the animals that inhabit it.

If you want to enjoy the advantages that a green clay mask can bring, shop our range now.

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