October 06, 2021


SO we're back this week getting to know our Scrubba Body staff and this week we are getting to know... ME! I'm Hayley, I'm a green eyed Taurus who likes swimming in waterfalls and learning useless facts about random topics.



Starting with Scrubba Life


SB: How long have you worked for Scrubba?

Hayley: I’ve been Marketing Manager for Scrubba for 8 months, but I’ve bled Scrubba for 5 years.


SB: What is your fave job to do

Hayley: I love brainstorming new ideas with Josh, as well as taking and editing all of the photos for the website, social media and marketing.


SB: Fave 3 Scrubba products?

Hayley: Only 3? Geeeeeee… Peppermint & Eucalyptus Bath Soak - This smells soooo good and it's great for when you're feeling all stuffy in the head as well as achy in the body. Walnut Shell & Bamboo Face Scrub because as well as exfoliating all of the yucky build up on my face, it leaves it really soft and hydrated. And the Lavender Magnesium Spray - I have a lot of trouble sleeping and this is a game changer. I also get really achy legs and it makes such a difference when I spray them with this before bed.


SB: What do you like most about working at Scrubba?

Hayley: The people, and Scrubba Body is a company that I believe in. Everything the brand is about is what I am about. I see memes about people hating their job and I can't relate. I wake up every day, happy and excited to be doing my job. Hahah!


SB: 3 words that sum up working at Scrubba Body?

Hayley: Aromatic, fun, community.


Life Outside of Scrubba


SB: What do you do for fun (hobbies/activities)?

Hayley: I play with clay, take photos and draw - just anything creative. I also love dancing in mine or my mates' lounge rooms with a couple of drinks.


SB: What is your #1 'self-care' thing you do to wind-down & relax?

Hayley: I meditate every morning and feel so much better for it. But if I'm just really needing a big dose of serotonin then smothering my dog Manny with kisses and cuddles will always do it. 


SB: There’s a movie being made about your life - who is starring as you?

Hayley: Lady Gaga or Miley. I’m not nearly as hot as either of them and I CAN NOT hold a tune, but I’ve shared fashion and hairstyles with both of them over the years. Some would even say that I had their style before they did hahahahaaaaa (only one person says that, but he says it a lot so I'm gonna go with it).


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