September 29, 2021

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to work with our beautiful staff, with lockdown happening for 164 weeks (that’s about right, isn’t it?) so far. So we wanted to do a bit of a shout out to them all. Earlier through the week we sent out a bit of a questionnaire to help you guys get to know them.

We’re starting with the birthday girl Brookie, our longest employed staff member - we’ve just celebrated our 4 year anniversary together! Brookie keeps all the wheels from falling off, makes most of the products, is our TikTok creator and is just generally a beautiful person, inside and out.



Starting withScrubba Life


SB: How long have you worked for Scrubba?
Brookie: Around 4 years. 


SB: What is your fave job to do

Brookie: Although I do love working in the store and having a chat with customers, my favourite job would probably have to be making the products at the back of the store. 


SB: Fave 3 Scrubba products?

Brookie:Hmm, tough call. All time favourite would have to be the face scrub because it’s so moisturising and i’ve never found another scrub like it. But my latest obsessions have been the grapefruit sparkle scrub and watermelon lip balm. 


SB: What do you like most about working at Scrubba?

Brookie: I could go on all day if you’d let me but I think the most amazing part is the incredible team that I work with. I’ve been so fortunate to have a job that I absolutely love and I’m so passionate about and that I’ve been able to advance and take on more roles as time has progressed. 


SB: 3 words that sum up working at Scrubba Body?
Brookie: Fun, unique and exciting. 


Life Outside of Scrubba


SB: What do you do for fun (hobbies/activities)?

Brookie: I like painting or playing guitar when I have the time but you’ll often find me playing with (or annoying) my cat, Twinkle. 


SB: What is your #1 'self-care' thing you do to wind-down & relax?
Sounds counter-intuitive but recently, i’ve really enjoyed throwing on some headphones and working out. Might not be relaxing but it’s definitely my self-care ‘me-time’.  However, when I do want to relax, i’ll put on some Netflix and cuddle up in blankets  


SB: There’s a movie being made about your life - who is starring as you?
Brookie: Hmm, I’ve been told I look like Katherine Langford (I don’t see it) but i think the dream would be to have the magnificent Margot Robbie star as me. 


P.S She totally is the secret twin of Katherine Langford. xx

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