Now's The Time To Support Small Business

July 14, 2021


Hey Scrubbas, I'm interrupting the Self Care Series because things are getting a bit dire out here. This time of the year is always a bit harder on local and small business, but with the recent COVID outbreaks bringing restrictions and lockdowns, shopping centres are ghost towns, markets, spas and attractions are closing, and restaurants are only able to do take-away. We are so lucky to be in Newcastle and keep our doors open to trade but these are scary times for so many small business owners, so we wanted to talk about some of the ways everyone can help out.

This is not just about money, although that is the root of it, there are ways you can support your small business owner friends, even if you’ve not got a lot going on in the finance department yourself.

You can share their social media posts, and maybe one of your friends or family members will see it, think “Oh, that’s exactly what I need!” and place an order. Woo! When you share our posts, we are so so grateful, it doesn’t matter if you have 23 followers or 23K.

Alternatively, a lot of businesses have at least one sort of buy now, pay later option in place. Maybe start planning for that loved one’s birthday, or why not be super organised and start getting Christmas presents sorted. Even purchasing a gift certificate to be used at a later date is super helpful.

We here at Scrubba Body love the small business community we have around us. From the friends we’ve made at markets around Australia, to our stockists - who are all small businesses, and we want everyone to pull through this year (with most of our mental health in tact and our bills paid!).

 A lot of people are in the same boat and we feel you! But if you do have a bit of disposable income Here are our stockists, anything purchased from them, helps a small business.

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