Self Care Series: Mental Health.

July 21, 2021

Hey Guys, I wanna get a bit serious this week because it is a pretty serious thing that we're all going through right now.

First of all, I need to state that I am not a healthcare professional. I am just someone who likes to try and be pro-active about the state of my MH, so first and foremost, if you are having suicidal feelings, please call 000.

 Mental Health is a massive part of self care, some would argue it is the most important part. Right now there is a mental health crisis happening in Australia, making it very hard to get into a psychologist or psychiatrist. With lockdowns happening all around the country, solitary confinement, financial problems or being forced to lockdown with someone you don’t get along with could bring some of us to the tipping point. And let’s face it, seeing a psych can be a bit pricey, OR if you are living in a regional area but cannot travel to a city as the city is in lockdown, OR if you have been put on a long waitlist due to the sheer amount of people needing some help with their MH, but you need to do something now, I wanted to share some free options that you don’t need to leave the house for, and one or two that you do.

*Cute animal pics are a daily requirement. 

Lifeline - 13 11 14 offer over the phone counselling, or did you know you can text Lifeline on 0477 13 11 14, this is great for the people out there who get more anxious talking on the phone.


Mind Health offer online and over the phone counselling.- 1300 029 131 is a great resource for Newcastle, Central Coast and New England people, funded by the Primary Health Network - a government initiative.


Beyond Blue offer online, or over the phone counselling - 1300 224 636 and their website has heaps of great articles on looking after your wellbeing, supporting yourself and ways to supper others in your life.


Here are some links to suggested activities, guidance and inspiration from Beyond Blue to help you find the balance in all areas of your life while navigating the ups and downs:


Keep your stress bucket from overflowing


The benefits of a digital detox 


Why listening to music makes you feel good


There's also a whole section aimed at mental health wellbeing and COVID.


Remember, it’s ok to not be ok. And it’s ok to get help.

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