The Finders Keepers

May 12, 2022

The Finders Keepers was founded in 2008 by pals Sarah Thornton and Brooke Johnston and has grown from a humble side hustle to become Australia's leading design marketplace.

They host market events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane each year and launched an Online Marketplace in 2019 as a new platform for Australian makers and designers to share their wares. In 2022, the team is proud to launch their first Creative Business Summit, mindfully made just for small and micro creative businesses. Their commitment has and always will be to community, conscious shopping, mindful making and courage in creativity.

At the very heart of everything we do, we seek to connect, inspire and empower the creative community.

As a small business, they support thousands of other small and micro independent creative businesses in Australia. Through our market ‘festival' events, Online Marketplace, online events and soon the Creative Business Summit,  They're proud to empower small business owners all over Australia to make a living doing what they love.

In 2022, they can't wait to bring all their market events back to life in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, giving their loyal market fans the chance to shop, explore, discover and connect with their creative stallholder community once again. The events continue to promote conscious consumerism, and actively support small, local businesses.

We'll be at our 3rd Brisbane Finders Keepers starting next Friday 20th May until Sunday 22nd. We'd love to see our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunny Coast Scrubbas there!

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The Makers & Shakers is Australia's premier mid-sized makers market, held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. The event features a curated line up of both established and emerging creatives, and offers shoppers the very best in handmade: from beautiful homewares, stunning lifestyle products to delicious food. The Makers & Shakers Market is a fun day out for people who appreciate where things come from, how things are made and who made them.
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Handmade Canberra Market

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Next Saturday, 30th April, Scrubba Body is heading down to Canberra for the Handmade Markets! It's been a long time since we've been able to make it down to be there in person (they also have online markets), and we are SOOOOO EXCITED! SO what are the Handmade Markets? Julie Nichols organised the first Handmade Market in 2008, which feels like a lifetime ago today. There were some fantastic marketplaces in Canberra, but none that specifically catered to handmade designers. Julie organised the inaugural market with an emphasis on local designers and only 35 stalls, despite having very little money but a strong business plan and vision. Thousands of people attended, making the Handmade Market a huge success.