The Ultimate Scrubs How-To

April 29, 2020

Ultimate Scrubs How To

No doubt you’ve heard of exfoliators and skincare scrubs, and maybe you’ve used them from time to time. Have you wondered if you’re using them correctly, or getting the most from this fantastic skincare product? When adding exfoliators into your skincare routine, using them correctly is paramount. We share with you everything you need to know about using scrubs and exfoliators, and the process that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Pick the right product

Before you begin using an exfoliator on your body or face, it’s vital you pick the right one. There are many options on the market; some scrubs address harsh, stubborn skin, like the firm build-up on the heels of your feet, and some are more gentle for your sensitive facial skin. Ensure you pick the right scrub for your concern first, as you will find you may irritate your skin or waste your money on something that doesn’t seem to work correctly.

Avoid running water

The best method of application for your scrub or exfoliator is on bare skin that is wet and lubricated. Some scrubs can be used with running water; however, it’s best to wet the skin first and avoid rinsing until your application is complete. You may find that you end up using more of the product with running water, as the scrub rinses away before it has time to work fully.

Running Water

Apply the product and rub

Once your skin is wet, apply the product to your desired area. How much of the scrub to use is entirely dependent on the specific product. Some scrubs come in single-use packets, while others come in bigger tubs that require you to decant what you need before applying. When determining how much to use, read the instructions on the packet first, following the directions. The recommended use on the packaging isn’t as strict as medications. However, to get the best result, sticking to this as much as possible is advised.

Rub the exfoliator in, ensuring you massage it into the skin firmly. Most scrubs and exfoliators work best when left for ten minutes to penetrate the skin and break down any rough skin fully.

When not to use

It’s wise to patch test your scrub or exfoliator before use, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies to certain ingredients. If you have an infection or cut on a certain part of the body, such as an open abrasion, avoid exfoliating this area until it's fully healed. Follow this guidance for any areas of your body that are sensitive or where you suffer from a skin condition, such as rashes and eczema.

Scrub Patch Test

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