February 17, 2022

So Josh (King of Scrubba Body) and I (Hayley) have a podcast. It's called Got a Queery? and each episode we talk to queer entrepreneurs about life, how they got to where they're at and everything in between. Oh and did I mention we're drinking cocktails the whole time?

We've done episodes with Queens, Kings and Rulers of small and large business, but this week we have shook things up! We are the ones being interviewed. Our sexy and hilarious friend Matt swapped seats with us and gave us a taste of our own medicine. We talk about how we met, how we work together, Scrubba, Hey Hudson and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't remember because we got a lil bit lit. It's pretty funny.

 It's free to listen everywhere, I've linked the Spotify and Apple Music players below. Or head over to our website for the full deets on all channels and show notes.



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