February 10, 2022


RECYCLE – PROPERLY! We all have recycling bins at our houses, the thing is that most of us aren’t using them properly. Firstly, NEVER put a plastic bag in your recycling bin. It pretty much renders everything else you’ve sorted redundant. Secondly, make sure you take the caps and rings off plastic bottles (and always cut the rings so they don’t get stuck on some poor unassuming animal). The plastic used for bottle caps is not recyclable, so make sure you put them in the rubbish.


Go vegan! Or vegetarian, or just eat less meat. If you’re a big time carnivore, try to have 1 meat free day a week. Cows and other farm animals produce about 14% of human-induced climate emissions, and it is methane from they burps and manure that is seen as both the biggest concern and best opportunity for tackling global heating.




Use LED lightbulbs. They last longer, and use less energy. They also don’t contain mercury which is toxic to humans and animals.

 Steer clear of parabens, sls/sles, micro plastics and plasticisers BPA, Antibacterials, surfactants and Endocrine disrupting chemicals in your cleaning products. These chemicals go down the drain and into our oceans.


Instead, why don't you make your own? It works out heaps cheaper. Just mix bi carb soda and vinegar with some lemon essential oil and pop it into an old washed out spray bottle. That will clean just about anything from your kitchen to your toilet and it won't kill ocean life when it eventually gets washed out to sea.



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