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We don't discount our products very often, so why discount our citrus body scrubs?

Well there are 2 reasons.

1. We are overstocked after making a larger than regular batch.

2. There is a small spelling mistake on one of the products, so we thought we should try to sell through the packaging. The product inside is still perfect of course. 

That seemed like 2 good reasons for a sale.


There is no prize for spotting the typo - but you may get that slight feeling of accomplishment like you would after finding an obscure word in a find-a-word! Somepeople (me) love finding typos - we are a strange bunch.

We did consider the fact that by pointing it out some people may never be able to "unsee it". We are sorrybut it is still better than wasting all of that packaging over 2 little letters that decided they wanted to swap places. Nobody is perfect after all, and it's what's inside thatmatters.

Anyway if you are still reading this, thank you but I am a little unsure as to why. Why are you still reading this? From here you should find the typo, take advantage of the discounted scrubs and enjoy feeling zesty and fresh once your order arrives.

- Daniel