ALOE VERA - One of our most important staple ingredients

June 02, 2021

Calling Aloe Vera a miracle of nature is a bit of a understatement to the value this plant lends to any skincare routine. This staple of many of our skincare products has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s full of vitamins and minerals that treat a wide array of skin conditions.

How best to use Aloe Vera

Whether you use the gel directly from the aloe vera plant or are using one of our aloe-based skincare products, by simply applying a small amount straight to your inflamed area, skin conditions like acne, sunburn or eczema will be soothed almost instantly.

Great for thirsty skin

Aloe vera is fantastic for hydration. It moisturises and soothes dry and damaged skin. Regular application of aloe vera products has been known to bring a youthful, supple look back to the skin. Because it is 98% water based it doesn’t leave behind a greasy film.

The great healer

Aloe’s antioxidant effect helps repair damaged tissue. It also goes a long way in helping to reduce the swelling and soreness of wounds in everything from sunburn to minor cuts. The support it lends to the release and creation of collagen helps speed up healing time and limits scarring. Application after the wound heals also helps to fade scars. Aloe vera has six known antiseptic agents along with bacterial, viral and fungal infections on the skin.

Good oral treatment

Aloe Vera is not only a great topical ointment, but it also helps treat some common oral ailments. Apply it to mouth blisters and cold sores until they disappear.

A gentle skin exfoliate

Aloe Vera gel can act as an exfoliate, removing dead skin from the body. Lignin and salicylic acid in aloe vera penetrates and lifts loose skin. It unclogs pores and reduces swelling. This impacts the oil glands that cause acne reducing irritation that leads to further breakouts. Phenols and sulfur in aloe also offer additional acne-fighting benefits.

Whether or not it is combined with other ingredients, aloe vera is a powerful element to include in skincare products. We sell vegan, handmade, natural, and cruelty-free bath and skincare products. See how we can help your regular routine and start seeing the benefits for yourself!




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