May 26, 2021

How can I use vegan skincare to prepare my skin for winter?

Here in Australia, the winter season is nearly upon so, so it's best to be prepared well in advance to protect your skin from the effects of colder weather. As the air can be particularly drying during winter, you need to invest in some quality vegan skincare products to incorporate into your daily routine to boost hydration and moisture. Here we've listed some of our top tips and products for you to consider investing in this winter.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate some more

Exfoliation is one of the best ways in which to treat dry, dead skin. With regular use, vegan exfoliating products can be used to help remove unwanted bits of dead skin, cells, and congested pores for a natural, baby smooth finish. By placing a stronger emphasis on this area of your routine, your skin will be left looking and feeling radiant for that summertime glow all year round. What's more, vegan products aren't harsh on the skin, so you shouldn't suffer from redness or irritation.


Moisturising is key

Moisturiser can make or break a winter skincare routine, making it a necessity for any makeup bag. By swapping your current moisturiser for a more intensive option, you'll be able to target the deeper layers of your skin, ensuring your complexion is left looking brighter, plumper and more hydrated. Vegan moisturisers will often make the most of nature’s natural resources, creating an instant moisture-boosting formula using botanicals, plants, flowers and fruity extracts.


Stock up on lip balm

The harsher winter weather can batter all areas of your face, but in particular, it can make your lips much drier than usual. To combat this, invest in a trusty lip balm that you can apply throughout the day – particularly before bed and after you have brushed your teeth – so that your lips can feel the love too. Top tip: As well as applying lip balm regularly, make sure you’re consuming enough water, and don’t lick your lips!



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