Handmade Canberra Market

April 24, 2022


Next Saturday, 30th April, Scrubba Body is heading down to Canberra for the Handmade Markets! It's been a long time since we've been able to make it down to be there in person (they also have online markets), and we are SOOOOO EXCITED! SO what are the Handmade Markets? Julie Nichols organised the first Handmade Market in 2008, which feels like a lifetime ago today. There were some fantastic marketplaces in Canberra, but none that specifically catered to handmade designers. Julie organised the inaugural market with an emphasis on local designers and only 35 stalls, despite having very little money but a strong business plan and vision. Thousands of people attended, making the Handmade Market a huge success.


The market overflowed Albert Hall, the Yarralumla Woolshed, and the Kamberra Wine Company before settling at the National Convention Centre, which attracted crowds of up to 15,000 people on a regular basis. Exhibition Park in Canberra is currently the market's new home (EPIC).


Handmade Canberra celebrated its tenth year in 2018 and is still going strong, with 290 stalls spread across two halls at the Exhibition Park In Canberra EPIC, as well as a central meeting space. Stalls sell Australian-made homewares, gifts, apparel, accessories, and cuisine, while a gourmet food hall filled with street food trailers creates a sensory overload and an unequalled atmosphere of inventiveness and enthusiasm.


The market gets over 20,000 visitors each week from Canberra and beyond, and it has a large and increasing social media following.


The market has a nurturing relationship with its designers and producers (like us) who bring a high standard in quality, workmanship, and sensational customer service, as well as an interactive relationship with its customers, with a passion for supporting Australian Hand Made independent, small, and creative businesses and connecting them to their target customers. Handcrafted Canberra is a well-organized, supportive, and welcoming event that showcases the finest of Australian handmade design and produce.

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