Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Handmade

March 16, 2021

Buying handmade

Handmade products have a number of benefits for both the creator, and more importantly, for you, the consumer. While purchasing a natural, vegan, cruelty free product makes us feel better about choosing ethically created skincare, did you know there are a number of other benefits to purchasing hand made products?


1. Lower the environmental footprint

If you buy a handmade natural lip balm or other skincare product for yourself, or a friend or relative, generally speaking, you will be helping to reduce the environmental footprint of both the production of the product and the transportation of your purchase.

 Handmade usually means made at home or in small workshops, reducing the need for large factories which are resource-heavy. You will also reduce your environmental impact in regards to transportation, as your new vegan lip balm will only be travelling within your state or country, rather than requiring overseas transport.


2. Supporting your local economy

In a year as hard as 2020 has been, many people are becoming more aware of the need to support the local economy by buying from local businesses. Purchasing a cruelty free clay mask that has been hand crafted by local artisans not only supports a small business but also supports the local economy.

Every time you purchase a handmade soap or skin care product, you are giving the artisan confidence in their work and their product. Supporting local business and encouraging business growth can also result in employment opportunities within the artisan community that you are supporting.

Handmade candle

3. Bespoke, unique gifts

When you buy a handmade, natural magnesium spray, or green clay mask, you are consciously purchasing a unique gift. Bespoke gifts are not only on trend, they show the recipient how much you treasure their presence in your life. Bespoke and unique gifts usually come with a story about how they were created, where they came from and what inspired the maker. These stories add another level of meaning to the mica or rosehip products that you gift to your loved ones.


4. The maker / artisan / small business owner does a happy dance every time you purchase something.

So next time you are considering buying yourself or your loved ones skincare and bath products, consider buying handmade, natural vegan products that the environment, your local community and your body will thank you.

Handmade bath soak


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