March 30, 2021



Over-use of synthetic and processed products can affect our health and wellbeing. Many people are aware of the benefits of eating organic food that hasn't been treated with harsh pesticides, but did you know that it's equally as important to make sure that the products you put on your body are just as healthy as the food you put into it?


Here's why:

1. It's kind to our planet.

Cosmetics and soaps made using petrochemicals and harsh surfactants cause pollution twice: once when they are created, and again when you wash them down the sink. Plastic micro-beads, which are found in many facial scrubs and soaps, have been found to wreak havoc on marine life once they go down the sink. These tiny particles can absorb harmful chemicals from the environment and, when ingested, act as carriers for pollutants into our bodies. Natural soaps are made from oils and natural ingredients that don't harm the environment or dry out your skin. Natural facial scrubs contain natural exfoliants such as oats, salt or nutshells. These won't harm the environment.


2. It saves animals.

Our vegan and cruelty-free products are not tested on animals, so you know that they have not suffered for the sake of your beauty regime. If you have half a heart and care about the ethical treatment of animals, then you will want to make sure that every beauty product you use is clearly labelled as cruelty-free.


3. It reduces toxic load.

That's right. Think of all the chemicals that bombard your body on a daily basis. They're in household cleaning products, hair care products, insect sprays, your laundry and more. There's a growing amount of research that shows how common chemicals found in cosmetics, shampoos, household and gardening items may play a part in causing cancer, allergies and disrupted hormone levels. You owe it to yourself and your family to reduce the toxic load by using natural products whenever possible.


4. Natural skincare products just smell and feel better.

Natural soaps and cosmetics use natural essential oils. These natural fragrances can help to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing, providing calming, energy-enhancing, relaxing or mood-lifting properties, and who doesn't want all of that? 


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