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Mystical Mica, the good the bad and the sparkle.

April 07, 2021

Mystical Mica. The good. the bad, and the sparkle.

There are so many skincare products out there, but not all of them contain the best ingredients - and sometimes we don't even know what the ingredients are! One natural, vegan, skincare ingredient you can rely on to be nourishing rather than damaging is Mica. But what is Mica? Where does it come from? And how can we use it to achieve better, brighter skin?

What is Mica?

Mica is what we call a group of light minerals, known as silicates. These are ground up and used for various purposes, including beauty and skincare - but they can also be used in everything from toothpaste to tech products to metallic paint! It creates a glittery, shimmery effect and can come in a few different colours, such as white, pink or silver or gold.

Mica in beauty products

You may see Mica listed as an ingredient in many of your favourite powder-based products. This is because it can add a natural-looking yet striking shimmer and glow. The natural way that Mica is produced means it is a great ingredient if you abide by an organic and cruelty-free beauty lifestyle.

Mica in skincare

In skincare, Mica illuminates your skin without adding too much weight or too many products - you will often find it in products that boast to brighten your skin. If you keep quite a natural routine, Mica is an excellent way of doing a lot with just one or two items. It is also gentle to your skin and easy to cleanse away at the end of the day.

Where does Mica come from?

Mica is mined from all over the world, however Mica has a very troubled past in countries like India and Madagascar. Child labour and slavery throughout the Mica industries are rife in these countries, and has rightfully caused international outrage and attention, to ensure ethically mined Mica is used throughout the cosmetics industry. So the next time your’e purchasing any cosmetics with a shimmer to them, if you can, do a little research on the company to make sure it is ethically source. Our Mica that we use in our Scrubba Body Scrubs and Oils is ethically sourced from Japan.

The benefits of Mica

There are many benefits of using products containing Mica. As well as giving you a brighter, dewy finish easily and being a natural option, there are other upsides you can enjoy. Mica's reflective quality can ease fine lines' appearance when applied, and some products can even exfoliate or hydrate your skin, depending on what you choose to use. While it isn't a permanent fix for lines or wrinkles, it does create a temporarily more youthful look that can boost your confidence every day.

So there you have it. Mica is a wonderful ingredient and has a range of benefits you can enjoy in various natural skincare products, as long as it comes from the right places.

To discover how we use Mica in our vegan-friendly skincare range, check out our Grapefruit Sparkle and Vanilla Sparkle Body Scrubs and our Grapefruit Sparkle and Coconut Sparkle Body OilsThe .

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