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May 01, 2022



The event

The Makers & Shakers is Australia's premier mid-sized makers market, held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. The event features a curated line up of both established and emerging creatives, and offers shoppers the very best in handmade: from beautiful homewares, stunning lifestyle products to delicious food. The Makers & Shakers Market is a fun day out for people who appreciate where things come from, how things are made and who made them.

Profit for purpose

The Makers & Shakers are fiercely independent and powered by the goals and values of the handmade movement. They strive to play their little part in creating the shift from the consumption of mass-produced products, to the mass-consumption of locally and authentically produced products.

Meet the Team

Over the last decade, Emma Morris and Lee Glezos have organised retail-based events across Australia that are tailored toward the ethical consumption movement. Round She Goes was established in 2008 and is Australia's pioneering and most popular preloved and vintage fashion market. The Makers & Shakers was established in 2015, and was followed by The Slow Fashion Market in 2018. All three are designed to facilitate slow and thoughtful consumption.

Emma has a background in public relations and event management. Heading up PR for the award-winning Scribe Publications, Emma designed and managed media campaigns for a diverse range of authors, including senior federal government politicians, renowned international journalists, and respected social commentators.



Lee is an early career academic specialising in the topics of ethical consumption, social movements and the moralisation of markets. His PhD thesis was the first major exploration of how the sustainable agriculture movement created the Australian market for organic food during the 1980s.

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