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October 02, 2022

We are almost finished setting up our new space right in the heart of Newcastle CBD and we couldn’t be more excited. We wanted to write a blog this week about the best things about our new store location but the main thing that kept coming up was… Our incredible new neighbours!!

Check out some of the amazingly talented and entertaining small businesses that are within a 2 minute walk from our new store, in their own words…


Health & Wellness

Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu - We offer world-class level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction for men, women, and children. We teach BJJ, self-defence, and mixed martial arts in a family environment where everyone is friendly and welcoming.
Through Jiu-jitsu we are able to contribute to the Australian community by teaching people to improve their well-being, to enjoy life fully, and to succeed in their journey.
Movement Continuum - Athleticism, artistry and therapy in MOTION. Towards a CAPABLE and EXPRESSIVE body. Connecting curiosity, discipline, effort and JOY. ANIMAL FLOW®, and other meaningful movement practices. Stretch, FLOW, dance, roll and cartwheel your way to HUMAN WHOLENESS.
Zadig - Zadig Studio offers a new standard of wellness using infrared sauna therapy to transform your health and wellbeing. Offering four private rooms equipped with full spectrum infrared saunas, medical-grade chromotherapy and showers, Zadig is the very first infrared sauna studio in Newcastle; an inner city sanctuary inviting you to take some time out and come back to self in 50 minutes of infrared therapy.

Endota - Rejuvenate in beautiful tranquillity at our award-winning sanctuary, where our team of trained professional therapists will look after all your self-care needs. Allow us to nurture your body and mind, renew your spirit and awaken your senses, from our menu of restorative treatments that range from a relaxing express massage or soothing foot bath, to luxurious hours spent immersing in complete wellness bliss.

BFT - YOUR GOALS ARE AS UNIQUE AS YOU ARE. Whether you’re on a mission to lose weight, build muscle, break a fitness plateau or simply develop healthier habits we’d love to speak with you about how BFT can TRANSFORM YOUR TRAINING.


Cryo King - Located in the heart of Newcastle, Cryo King is a state-of-the-art facility designed to help everyone reach optimal physical and mental health.
 Our services include Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Red LED Therapy, Body Sculpting and Oxygen Massage - all performed using the latest technology currently available. From elite athletes to busy mums, our services will benefit people from all walks of life - no matter what their health and wellness goals are.

Entertainment / Media


Newcastle Podcast Station - Newcastle Podcast Station helps brands & people inform & entertain their tribes. With some simple instructions, you can hire out the studio and produce your own podcast or you can have your podcast fully produced by the Newcastle Podcast Station.

Swell - Local stories, told Swell.A PRINT MAGAZINE CELEBRATING THE NEWCASTLE REGION. Swell Magazine is a local Newcastle Publication, written as the perfect companion for your sunny Sunday morning. Designed as a collectors item, something to have and to hold, the pages of Swell are to be enjoyed slowly and devoured and returned to time and time again. We’re all for celebrating the city we love and the community we’re a part of. We’re storytellers, explorers, creatives and passionate about our postcode.
Facon - Façon is a high-end fashion magazine, creative agency and events company. Established in 2015, Façon has worked with national and international celebrities and brands. Façon Magazine is a free, biannual publication distributed digitally and in key tourist and retail precincts. We appeal to a discerning audience who are lovers of fashion, beauty and lifestyle experiences. Façon’s fashion pages feature high-end international, national and local designers. Our features include Luxe Profiles, Experiences, Travel, Wine & Dine, Fashion and Beauty editorials.
Escape Reality - Escape Reality is a game played in real life. You and your team have just 60 minutes to escape one of our uber-real rooms. You’ll come as friends but leave as heroes as you battle against time to solve puzzles, overcome challenges and defeat your doubts.

Pinot & Picasso - Pinot and Picasso have the perfect solution for your next Newcastle night out. If you are looking for fun but a laid-back night out, then you are speaking our language. You do not have to be a painter or an artist to enjoy one of the many classes that our studio offers. In fact, our classes are made for the typical non-artist to enjoy the experience.
Our paint and sip experience is designed for any level of expertise. Sip on your wine and enjoy a snack while you follow detailed instructions to create a beautiful painting. More advanced painters are encouraged to take risks and be creative, while less comfortable patrons receive coaching and guidance from our artistic staff.

Retail Therapy / Fashion

Umie - UMIE, translating to 'by the sea' was created in late 2019 to embrace
the relaxed beachside lifestyle of dreamy Newcastle.
 UMIE offers a thoughtfully curated selection of fashion and lifestyle to elevate the everyday. We focus on fun and special pieces that were made with love to be cherished forever. With a love of all things effortlessly beautiful, our boutique houses a collection of premium designers with a conscious approach to creating. 
Honest Paper - a stationery lovers’ space. We curate and create fine stationery with a focus on Australian brands and designers.

High Tea With Mrs Woo - SLOW FASHION, SLOW WEARING WELL HIGH TEA WITH MRS WOO is a slow fashion practice, crafting clothes and accessories for modern thoughtful living. Natural fibre fabrics, ethically made, circular design. Est 2004.
Studio Melt - Set up a jewellery making studio, retail space and ran jewellery classes in the evenings. Slowly the space started to fill with their work and as word spread, they began to seek out the work of other small-scale, studio-based jewellers and object makers. 
The evolution from this point was quite rapid. A commercial lease was signed and the store began to foster a ‘creative economy’. Studio Melt now proudly represents the work of over 75 makers located throughout Australia and a number of carefully selected international makers with a special focus on alternative engagement and wedding jewellery. 
Olive Tree Markets - The Olive Tree Market was launched to provide Newcastle’s contemporary artists and designers with an arena to showcase their work at supportive, vibrant, culturally diverse event.
Our ethos is all about community, and supporting creators of handmade, maker, and ethically created goods.
Monsoon Living - the celebration of classic design. We pair furniture that is rich in history together with modern homewares that are both sentimental and inspiring, to curate a range that represents the way we want to live.
From the textured feel of holding your handmade coffee cup in the morning, to the comfort of slipping between natural linen sheets in the evening, we believe it is the little touches that add warmth and comfort to your home. A sense of place, a sense of home, a haven that is yours.
Established in the Hunter Valley Vineyards in 2004 and more recently in Newcastle’s historic East End, Monsoon Living has cemented its reputation for unique interiors through it’s selection of feature furniture, contemporary works of art and modern designer elements. We pride ourselves on sustainability, quality and craftsmanship, and take the time to work closely with our suppliers so we can offer something special, something bespoke, whilst all the while being kind to our planet.

Food & Drinks


Babylon - An ever changing menu created with care by professionals with flare. Modern and traditional menu items made using quality fresh ingredients. 
The Lucky

Foghorn - Foghorn Brewery was born of a dream to make craft beer the way it ought to be made—from grain to glass all under one roof.
The historic building in King Street had been abandoned for several years when we first set foot inside. In that dusty old warehouse, we saw the potential to create something really special.
And so it was that Newcastle’s first modern craft brewery opened its doors in April 2015. The town’s industrial roots have played a big part in shaping the unique character of Foghorn Brewery. Built from the ground up, this art deco era warehouse with exposed roof trusses now houses a custom 1800 litre brewery.
QT - Jana Restaurant & Bar
Explore Newcastle surrounds through plate and palate, paired with drops of local provenance as you wine and refine at Jana’s table.
Rooftop at QT
Nine floors up, the jewel in the crown of QT Newcastle is the Rooftop at QT. A refreshing wisp of gin and whisky delight greets you atop fresh views of Harbour and coast.
On the move? We’ve got your groove. Keep things laid-back, yet lavish at QT’s humble hub of food, coffee and casual eats.
Open Wednesday to Sunday
A la carte share menu available all services
All you can eat Churrasco available all evenings
Drink before you dine, pop in for a post-work vino, settle in for a session or top off your evening with a nightcap.
Sit, stand, sip, share and shake anytime

Ginger Megs - Our innovative dishes draw inspiration from the array of Asian flavours, spices and ingredients native to South-East Asia.
Fiery, colourful, bold and ambrosial; saturate your senses in an epicurean experience of epic proportions. 
Chiefly de Gallo - MEXICAN inspired good food in Newcastle's CBD.

Napoli In the heart of Newcastle, Napoli Centrale Pizza Bar serves authentic, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza (plus pasta, salads, desserts and more). Sit indoors near the oven and watch the pizzamakers at work, or nab a table outdoors and wine, dine and people-watch like an Italian.

Popolo - Popolo Artisan Gelateria is owned and run by Italians keen to share their love of traditional gelato with the “popolo”, or people.
Our gelato makers have trained with Italian master ice-cream makers in Italy and work hard to perfect the complex science that is behind making gelato. If you are lucky enough to have travelled to Italy, you will understand how passionate the locals are about their gelato. 
Popolo Artisan Gelateria brings that passion to Newcastle: when you pop in store, you can peer through a glass wall into the laboratorio and see our gelato makers hard at work, whipping up gelato to suit a broad range of palates
Momo wholefood - We are a creative and collaborative team with a passion for fresh, wholesome food — we take pride in making our food in-house from scratch.
Our service is casual and welcoming and our beautiful former bank building features high ceilings and towering windows that fill the room with natural light and keep our plants thriving.
We have a strong relationship with local growers who deliver fresh organic produce to us each week providing us with inspiration for our weekly specials and much of our menu.
We operate with a focus on sustainability and collaboration with like minded businesses, groups and individuals. As a team we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and consider this a to be a crucial part of what we do and a constant work in progress.
Oh My Papa - Here, we have provided you Asian food experiences for all your senses. If you are looking for a roller coaster ride of taste, we have all the popular dishes all under one roof.  We believe that food feeds the soul . We encourage a shared style of dining reflect the way in which food is enjoyed in Asian cultures.
Our chef needs to control the characteristic of each ingredient carefully and everything here is made by hand.  We would like to turn this place into something tastefully fanciful. Oh My PAPA , intimate gathering where people eat, drink and be merry.
One Penny Black The One Penny Black experience is simple.
Honest. Crafted. Quality.
With knowledge, comes understanding. With passion, comes love in your cup.
Origin to roaster, roaster to consumer, it's our pleasure to share with you
one of life's finest fruits - Coffee.
Sympathetically lit, laid back and comfortable with
a homely warmth during any season.

Bouffant a delicious range of fluffy pastry goodness handmade by Markus, pâtisserie extraordinaire, all wrapped up in their signature pale pink interiors.

Susuru -  Sit bench side and slurp down some authentic Ramen flavours in Newcastle's very first Ramen and Gyoza bar.

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