January 20, 2022


Something that doesn't get talked about very much when we talk about summer and making sure we don't get sunburnt is what are we putting on our bodies when we lather ourselves up with sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important to us Aussies. We should be wearing it every day, on our faces and everywhere that isn't covered by clothes. But are there better types of sunscreen we could be using? Yes.



Sunscreens are for our protection, however there are some that can be quite harmful to people and to the marine environment it washes into. There are a couple of ingredients to look out for that you definitely do not want on your skin. 


🚫 Oxybenzone (also known as benzophenone-3) and octinoxate (also known as octyl methoxycinnamate). These chemicals have been proven to harm marine life and coral reefs and in people have been linked to hormone disruption, cell damage, and allergic reactions. In January, Palau became the first country to ban these chemicals. They are also banned in Hawaii, and several other tropical regions throughout the world. (Perhaps Australia should do the same?)

🚫 Nanoparticles are so small they can enter our bloodstream. They are also absorbed by coral. They cause oxidative stress that may lead to cell damage, genotoxic effects, inflammatory responses, and changes in cell structure.

🚫 Parabens (Butylparaben, Methylparaben, and Propylparaben) are harmful to the reefs and have been found to act as endocrine disruptors.

🚫 Cinnamates (Octyl methoxycinnamate and Cinoxate) have been shown to negatively impact coral reefs.



Most Australian made sunscreens don't use Oxybenzone, but it's always better to read the label. Here's what to look for:

✅ Zinc oxide and/or Titanium dioxide sunscreens are mineral sunscreens. These physically block the sun’s rays and have not been shown harmful to the reefs. They are biodegradable and hypo-allergenic.

✅ “Non-nano” refers to particles larger than 100 nanometers and is considered safe for us and the reef.

✅ Water-resistant sunscreen helps keep the product on your skin and not wash off in the water.



And remember to ALWAYS wait at least 15 minutes after applying your sunscreen before entering the water so that your skin can absorb it and it won’t wash right off.

We're now stocking 3 Fingers Natural Zinc which is handmade from all natural, vegan ingredients on the Central Coast. It's great protection for your skin, does zero harm to the environment and it smells sooo good!

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