July 10, 2022

As it’s Scrubba’s 6th birthday this month, I wanted to do a little history on the biz. Scrubba Body was started back in July 2016 by partners Josh and Jase. They wanted to create a body scrub that wouldn’t irritate their skin. They had tried a few on the market that had caused Josh’s psoriasis to act up. So they were looking for a scrub that had all natural ingredients, and none of those words you see on the back of cosmetic products that you can’t pronounce. The boys got to work, researching and mixing and testing until the Original Coffee Scrub was created. From there, they kept learning about different essential oils and botanicals that help with different skin conditions. They then gave away some scrubs to friends and family, because they are all about sharing the love, and the overwhelming response from everyone was ‘YOU HAVE TO SELL THIS STUFF!’ This is when Scrubba Body was born.


From here they made up a few batches, got some basic packaging together and hit the markets. Starting at Hunt & Gather, then Olive Tree, the scrubs sold out. The boys knew they were onto a winner and after a few requests, started making bath salts and candles. By this stage they were working a market or two every weekend as well as having an online store. As they became more popular, customers were requesting new products. soaps, lip balms, magnesium spray and body oils were soon added to the inventory.


After a few long hard years of making everything in their garage and 4am weekend starts driving to markets along the east coast, it was time to move the production into a space of its own. Scrubba Body Marketown (Newcastle) opened in March of 2020, a multi use space with room for the making and storing of all their products, as well as a beautiful retail area. Just 3 weeks later COVID lockdowns hit and the shops were shut. However this was the time that the online store started doing 3 times the business it has ever done before. So the Marketown space was used for production and business was booming! When stores opened after the first lockdown, Scrubba was offered a beautiful space at Westfield Kotara. A little apprehensive at first, the boys had a long discussion with each other to decide if they could be running 2 retail stores so quickly and decided ‘Screw it! Let’s do it!’ As soon as they had moved into Westfield, they were offered a pop up store at Stockland Greenhills and with the same enthusiasm, set up shop not long after. With a new Christmas pop up opening at Charlestown Square only 6 weeks later.


As well as the retails spaces, Scrubba have grown their wholesaler database to over 100 stockists throughout Australia and Asia. As in they didn't have enough on their plate, in November of 2021, Josh and Jase have also started a sister brand, Hey Hudson. Hey Hudson is everything you love about Scrubba Body - handmade, natural, vegan, but it is specially formulated for dogs! Hey Hudson has really taken off. With 13 different products and new ones on the way, Hey Hudson is your pooch's new best friend in the bath.

Now, with the flagship Westfield Kotara retail store and production space, Scrubba is about to drop a whole new range of products and start preparing for the Christmas pop ups around The Hunter. We’ve come a long way! Now with almost 120 different products in our inventory, the humble coffee scrub that started this wild ride, is still a best seller and my personal favourite.

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