July 17, 2022

With the first Splendour in the Grass since 2019 coming up next weekend, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks putting together camping gear, outfits and now everything else. I’ve been camping at music festivals for the last 15 years or so and I’ve learnt a lot about what I do and don’t need to pack. I pride myself on having everything I or anyone else needs to make sure that the only thing you need to be worried about is if you can get from one stage to the next without missing your favourite performer.


1. Camping gear. You’ll obviously need a tent, mattress of some form and as much warm bedding you can carry – it gets really bloody cold at night. But also, a table, camp chairs, battery powered lights, an esky, snacks and pre sealed water. We usually each bring one of those water goon sacks. A reusable cup and plate. And a rechargeable power pack. Remember that everything you take in, you have to take out. So keep the single use plastic at home.

2. Outfits! Obviously, you want to look good but please please please make sure that you’re comfortable! So many times, my friends and I have created these amazing outfits only to find out that they don’t really work when you’re trying to bust a move or head into the mosh. When you’re holding a strap to keep a small piece of fabric in place and can’t wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care, trust me, your fun factor is going down at least 48%. Also, you need to bring warm clothes. It gets soooo cold. I remember one night checking the weather app and it said 6 degrees but feels like 2. I’m pretty sure I wore thermals, a tracksuit, a unicorn onesie and 2 pairs of woolly socks to bed each night that year. Also just bring heaps of socks and a pair of gloves. Trust me.

3. The comfy rule goes for shoes! You will be walking in gravel or mud, over a very steep hill and through absolutely disgusting drop toilets. Wear closed in shoes. Don’t even bother with heals. Also make sure your shoes aren’t brand new, they need to be well worn in. Blisters are not conducive with dancing all night long.

4. A basic first aid kit. I bring paracetamol, a box of band aids, period products, Berocca, Armaforce, Imodium and anti-nausea tablets and cold and flu medication. ALL OF THESE THINGS WILL COME IN HANDY! Especially if you overindulge at the bar or food trucks ;-) Also spare masks. The ‘vid is still here and more contagious than ever.

5. A sewing kit. For wardrobe malfunctions and dodgy wrist bands.

6. Glam! make up (duh), a mirror, dry shampoo, pins, clips and hair bands. If you bring glitter, make sure it’s biodegradable.

7. Toiletries and Self-care. You obviously will need a towel - the campground showers are hot and exactly what you need to start the day. One year I famously forgot soap and all I had was a pouch of Grapefruit Sparkle Body Scrub. I looked like a shimmery goddess but ended up cutting a chunk off a bar of my friend’s soap to ensure my bits were sanitary lol. Here are my self care essentials for music festival camping. I've linked everything below.

Scrubba Body Natural Lip Balm
Scrubba Body Lip Scrub
Scrubba Body Coconutor Grapefruit Sparkle Body Oil of course.
Scrubba Body Natural Bar Soap
 Scrubba Body Face Scrub
Scrubba Body Face mist
Scrubba Body Rose & Hibiscus Oil for your face at bedtime
Baby wipes – you will use them for a million things (biodegradable only)
Scrubba Body Magnesium spray (trust that this will help after 12 straight hours of dancing and walking)
And the most important, (imo) Scrubba Body Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser!!

I know that’s a long list and I do like to be overly cautious, but If you can work out between your friends to divvie it all up, you’ll be set for everything and won’t have to worry about anything.

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